We’re going to keep it easy here – who we are can probably best be explained in our three areas of focus. (1) The Way. We want to help people find their way to a loving God.  (2) The Truth. We teach  and believe the truth contained in the scriptures, both Old and New Testaments. (3) The Life. We believe that we are created to serve, and we think a life spent finding your place of that service, is a life well lived. Just not much more we can say about that. 


We’ve kind of been around the block since that first gathering in a private home in Burgess in 1978.  We’ve met in a rented house, a rented school, and for 37 years we met in our facility just east of Indianfield on 360. In March of 2017, we completely renovated the former Warsaw Supermarket location after purchasing that, the satellite building, and the strip mall. We’ve moved our entire operation here – right beside Tractor Supply. We’ve had the unique opportunity to pave our own roads and break some of the old rules about how church is supposed to be done. We have only two rules: To try our best to align ourselves with what the Bible says . . . and to make sure that what we do actually meets needs and makes a difference. 

In the last two decades, we’ve grown from a church of 32, to over 500 today. And we feel like we’re just getting cranked up!


Nothing earth shattering or new here . . . We believe God made us perfect, but we’ve all messed up and if you think you’re NOT messed up – then you’re really messed up! We believe Jesus came to earth and died to take the punishment for our sins. Our understanding of the Bible is that it is God’s Word, given to us as our map and guide for life, and all we need to know about what God wants  from us. Our goal, when it comes to God, is to spend our lives trying to be more like Him. When it comes to people, our goal is to be patient, and to put up with each other.

The first thing some people want to know is what we believe someone needs to do to be saved. Well, our opinions are pretty useless! God’s Word holds the key. He says we must believe Jesus is who He says He is (John 8:24). If we really DO believe that, we won’t be afraid to go public – (Matthew 10:32-33). The next step is to begin walking away from what we know is wrong, and start doing the RIGHT thing for a change. The Bible calls that “repentance” and commands it in Acts 17:30-31. Finally, we do what Peter told the first Christians to do in Acts 2:38 – we are baptized for forgiveness. We are affiliated with no denomination whatsoever. We have elected leaders called “elders” (Titus 1:5-9) who help to provide focus and direction. They are elected from our membership, and serve for three years at a time. The real work though, is done by our member-volunteers. Our congregation is as diverse as the population of the Northern Neck. You’ll find that we are multi-ethnic; we come in all colors, shapes and sizes. We wear jeans and T-shirts, suits and ties, and everything in between. There are babies, lots and lots of little children, tweens and teens, young families, older families, retirees and a 90+ year old or two. Our blend of people has earned us the dubious nickname in the area as “The Church of the Misfits”, and that’s fine with us! We’re just happy to serve a God who has a place where even misfits fit in. We invite you to be our guest soon, and we’re pretty sure you’ll fit right in too. One of the things we're most proud of here at Rappahannock Church of Christ is a dedicated, fun-loving staff who love Jesus. 


  • Walker Gaulding

    Senior Minister

    Email: Walker@RcofC.org

  • Jim Ward

    Associate Minister 

    Email: jim@rcofc.org

  • Keith Peyton

    Associate minister of operations

    email: keith@rcofc.org

  • Penny Barton

    Administrative assistant

    eMAIL: Penny@Rcofc.org

  • Chad Rice

    Youth Minister


  • Todd nischan

    children's director

    email: Todd@rcofc.org