Applying God's word and living life together. Wednesday Night Life is an opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones as we discuss Sunday's Message. We take the time to go deeper and consider how we can apply God's Word to live our lives in a real way in the real world. WNL groups typically runs from September to December and from February to May with group sign-ups in August and January. Come and join us as we grow and encourage one another to honor God in our daily lives. 

It can be hard to find people you like spending time with who also make you better. We can help you find a group that's right for you. Groups include eight to twelve adults who gather and discuss both real life and practical faith. Here's how you can join a group. 

  • Find your group. All groups are placed online for you to choose the one that best fits you and your schedule. 

Sermon Based Groups - These groups meet regularly for connection with others, spiritual growth and practical application of the sermon topic/message. These groups mostly in people's home on different nights of the week. We offer Women's, Men's, and CO-ED Groups. 

Bible Study Group: This group meets at the church building on Wednesday nights. Deeper bible study, practical application and connection with others. 

  • Join your group. Save your spot in a group by signing up online. 

  • Meet your group. You will be contacted by your group leader with more details about your first meeting.