Ever since the day of Pentecost in the early part of the book of Acts, the church has been changing the world by serving others. While RCofC has multiple opportunities for serving within the church and also in our community, we have a passion for serving in the rest of the world as well. Some churches spread their Missions help among many projects, and that often works well. When it comes to foreign missions we’ve decided to concentrate our efforts on two fields. Instead of offering a little help to a lot of people . . . we offer a LOT of help to a mission in Port Au Prince Haiti, and to a mission in Ensenada Mexico.

Adults and teens take several trips a year. In Haiti, we help with Vacation Bible School, work in Medical Missions, we build when there is a need we can meet, and we run a continuing education program for Haitians called “The Leadership Training Center of Port Au Prince.” In Mexico, we work closely with YUGO Ministries, building basic housing for those living in extreme poverty. We’ve made good friends in these countries, and we anticipate a long-running partnership. In our own country, many of our folks travel to the Standing Rock Indian reservation to work in the Dakotas. We’d love to have you to work with us. It always changes US more than it changes them!