Communion is a very personal thing. In the first church, they took communion (some call it the “Lord’s Supper” or “Eucharist”) every Sunday at least (Acts 2:42). Trying to be like that early church, we take communion every Sunday. Our communion is open; that is, we don’t restrict who can take the bread and the cup. If you’re a Christian, you are welcome to join in. We suggest that children take it only after they have made a personal commitment to Christ. We teach our kids that it’s special. And that it’s for those who can really understand the meaning.

 A tray will be passed around that contains both unleavened bread (representing Jesus’ body), and a small cup of juice (representing Jesus’ blood). You can take the bread and drink the juice right then, as it is passed to you, placing the empty cup back in the tray, or you can hold the bread and juice until you’re ready, and take it after a moment of prayer and refection. Either way, it’s the Lord’s table, not ours.